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At Clever Way Group we drive innovation by clever design and optimization. Step by step, we identify and analyze the critical components of your system. By means of mathematical modeling and advanced computer simulation we improve performance and optimize designs, materials or processes. Our work accelerates our partners’ product development whilst reducing risk and costs.

System Simulation

We use advanced models to perform the simulation of complex systems and engineering devices, which permits the evaluation of designs without real-world experiments. We are specialized in computational fluid dynamics (CFD), heat transfer and plasma modeling.


We provide additional support to our partners by analyzing their systems or engineering devices, evaluating key processes and identifying hidden design flaws. Usually, this is achieved by thorough analysis of simulation results providing deep understanding of the studied object or system.


We are happy to share knowledge with our partners. Our experts can provide extensive training, revealing the art of computer simulation. With that, our partners can establish an in-house team of experts, capable of advanced system simulations.

Our Expertise
Our areas of expertise include model development based on applied science and the implementation of these models into efficient engineering solutions. We are able to analyze complex multi-physics and interdisciplinary problems by combining knowledge in several fields.

Fluid Dynamics

Fluid Dynamics

Computational fluid dynamics allows the simulation of gas and liquid flow in variety of systems from planet atmospheres to microfluidic devices. Our models can give you a deep insight of your device and provide valuable information about the internal flow structure, fluid-body interaction forces, noise generation, etc.

Thermal Analysis

Heat Transport

The generation and transport of heat is a critical process in many engineering systems. We can evaluate the heat distribution in complex geometries considering multiple transport mechanisms like conduction, convection and radiation. Often, the heat transport simulations are coupled with computational fluid dynamics, electromagnetic or mechanical simulations.

Plasma and Gas Discharges

Plasma and Gas Discharges

We have a team of highly experienced professionals in the field of plasma physics and gas discharge applications. We provide advanced numerical plasma simulations and consulting for new or existing plasma based technologies, using various types of discharges like glow, inductively and capacitively coupled (ICP and CCP), microwave, arc, DBD etc.

Contact our team to see how we can aid you in getting exceptional results and added value to your products and technologies.

About Us

Clever Way Group was established as a spin-off at Sofia University, Bulgaria. It is a union of highly skilled experts in the fields of engineering, physics and chemistry who are eager to provide valuable services and effective knowledge transfer from academy to private companies and public institutions. Our combined expertise proved to be highly advantageous in the resolution of complex problems, often arising in industrial systems, building physics, consumer product development and other applications. Our research background and deep understanding of the underlying processes, allow us to address wide range of problems and achieve effective solutions while respecting the time and resource limitations, usual for the modern competitive economy.

The Application range of our work is extremely wide. Many industries can benefit from our expertise and increase the added value of their products. Few notable applications are microelectronics, automotive, medical, building, wind studies, indoor heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), turbines and fans, plasma assisted treatment of hazardous gases, plasma assisted nano-layer deposition and so on. If you don’t see your field, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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